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SAVINGS MATTER for Early Childhood Educators!

Efforts for increasing the compensation for the Early Childhood Education workforce has long been recognized as an important need in ensuring a high quality, educated and stable workforce for young children and families. The expectations of an Early Childhood Education professional is high and yet the wages are low. This is one of the reasons the Institute has teamed up to offer Perks at Work– to help you, our AMAZING certified early educators, be able to SAVE on purchases you make everyday!  With over 30,000 offers available, you can find the perks that matter to you, from everyday purchases to larger one-time purchases. 

Sample Discounts, Benefits & Rewards

As a benefit of being a Certified Early Educator, the Institute is able to offer “Perks at Work.”  This program offers a variety of discounts.  Learn more below! 

Beyond Perks at Work-Local, NC Vendors

In addition to Perks at Work, the Institute also partners with other state and local businesses, organizations and vendors to offer rewards and benefits to certified NC Early Educators. So login above, and see what kinds of rewards and benefits await you!

Interested in Being a Rewards & Benefits Vendor Partner?

The Institute partners with businesses and organizations across the state and nation to provide discounts on goods and services for certified early educators in North Carolina. For more information about how your business or organization can become a vendor or provide much appreciated discounts or perks to Early Educators, click here.

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