The Institute Supports NAEYC and DAP

Recently DAP has come under attack. Read more about the NC Institute for Child Development Professional’s stance on standing firm with NAEYC and Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP).

Institute DAP Support letter to NAEYC (2)

NCDHHS to Extend Compensation Portion of  Stabilization Grant

Grant support to boost compensation for North Carolina’s early care and learning teachers and staff will continue through December 2023, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced.

 Busting the Myths

The NC Institute for Child Development Professionals has created a great resource to help better understand Early Childhood Educators and their important work and break down some of the typical stereotypes and myths about our field.  Check it out!

Potential Changes for the NC Teacher Licensure Model Process

Learn more about the potential changes being discussed for the state’s teacher licensure process.

The Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession

The Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession was developed over the last three years by a task force of 15 leading national organizations, including the National Association for the Education of Young Children, which facilitated this collective effort. Together, these organizations, which represent members of the early childhood field working across states, settings, and age bands, partnered with a diverse range of stakeholders and more than 11,000 individuals to produce the Unifying Framework.  Learn more about the Power to the Profession initiative here.

Your Voice Counts

The NC Early Education Coalition (Coalition) is the only statewide advocacy coalition dedicated to promoting high quality, accessible and affordable child care in NC.

Through research and advocacy, the Coalition builds partners with early childhood educators, early care and education providers, Smart Start, child care resource and referrals agencies, higher education and others to improve programs and policies and/or increase funding for low income families through child care subsidy, scholarships and wage supplements for early educators, NC Pre-K, Smart Start and more.  Learn how you can become involved and become a member of the Coalition.

What’s Happening?

Salary Scale Toolkit and Level 1 Training Webinar NOW available!

Earlier this year, the NC Institute for Child Development Professionals shared the exciting news of the creation of a project to design an online toolkit and trainings on creating or revising a salary scale for child care centers and family child care homes.

We are excited to share that the NC Salary Scale Toolkit AND the Level 1 Training Salary Scale Toolkit Webinar are now available!

Here you will find access to the NC Salary Scale Toolkit and be able to register for and access the Level I webinar training (an introduction/overview and navigational guide to the NC Salary Scale & Toolkit).

WHAT IS THE LEVEL 1 TRAINING? The purpose of the Salary Scale Toolkit Level 1 training webinar is to ensure participants are familiar with how to access the toolkit, how to navigate the toolkit, provide a basic overview of the content of the toolkit and give a short history of the model salary scale and toolkit development.

HOW IS THE TRAINING RECEIVED? This webinar is linked online through the NC Institute for Child Development Professionals website and is available as an on-demand, online training that you can take whenever it is most convenient for you!  (see more below)

HOW LONG IS THE TRAINING? The training will take approximately one and half hours (1.5 hrs.) to complete.  DCDEE training clocks hours are provided for this training.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  Thanks to funding support for this project, access to the Salary Scale Toolkit and Salary Scale Level I Training is currently FREE!

CAN I STILL EXPLORE THE SALARY SCALE TOOLKIT AND NOT TAKE THE TRAINING?  Yes!  The online Salary Scale Toolkit is separate from the Level 1 Training Webinar.  You are able to access, explore and use the resources in the Salary Scale Toolkit itself at any time through the Institute’s website.

WHAT’S NEXT? In addition to the Level I training, the Institute is currently creating a more advanced level training (Level Two), that will give a more in-depth dive into the toolkit’s resources and content. This training will ensure that child care facility staff and TA/PD providers and higher education faculty are able to best support child care programs with implementing a salary scale and accessing the resources within the Toolkit.  Remember, the Level I training must be completed before being eligible to take the upcoming Level II training.  You can learn more about the toolkit and training here.

In addition, use the QR code below or sign up here to stay up to date on information related to this project.

QR code to Salary Scale Toolkit Info. Sign-up

Institute Newsletter Released

Check out the new NCICDP Newsletter organized by the Institute’s Advancing the Education of the Workforce (AEW) workgroup!

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