What is continuing education?

Continuing education can be offered in many forms — as college courses, as a set of cohesive learning sessions (continuing education unit), workshops, seminars, courses, conferences, training, etc. Continuing education may be provided for college credit on campus, online, off-site by colleges and universities or for continuing educatino units on-site at the place of employment, off-site in group settings, or via virtual methods accessed by an individual or group. The format or length also varies – spanning from a few hours to several months. In the case of Early Educator Certification college education or CEUs are required to remain certified. A scholarship is available to support the teaching workforce in accessing college courses for EEC renewal.

Why is continuing education important?

As providers of early care and education services to or on the behalf of children and families, continuing education allows us to maintain and update our knowledge and skills with the latest strategies, supports and research so we can meet the dynamic needs of young children and their families. NC early childhood partners are incrementally laying the foundation for a professional development system inclusive of CEUs to increase the quality of training and align with other sectors including K-12. Click here to access a summary of research about professional development.


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